Principal Desk

Our motto is to connect a man directly to the education. Our aim is not sale of education but to spread it. Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not stare up with the steps, We must step up the stairs. Rigorous academic operations, commitment to quality education, extensive investment, solid management and continuous development are the principales that have raised the image of this institution. we have passed through a conventional system of education that is chalk & duster system and adopeted to the new texture of education.
                   This hi-tech era of education will facilitate the student to grow in all spheres of life. Our Vidhyapeeth is a stage to act alming to the target. We face hardships day by day. We meet people sick at heart, the people who say the some old stories. Here comes our prime role, to leave the spectators, spot and to play on the stage, Testing times are ahead of us. Optimision and action,achievement and success.
                   The principle goal of education is to create people who are capable of doing new things not by simply following what others have done but also through creativity and innovation. Education is a process that starts from cradle and ends in grabe. In the present context imagination, exploration, intention, rislic- taking challenging contention, breaking stercatype learning are essential component of modern education.
                   APS offers Eco-friendly environment in if campus and strikes to sustaion an ecological balance with the use of xermicultwere- organic farming and recyeling praetices in the campus we are proud to say that we are bridging the gap between the traditional system of education and compelitile world outside we would lice to thane all the parech and these who wish to join an for selecting APS the cealtre of repellence to secure their whoud ‘s life by quality educations.

                                                                                                                 with good wishes
                                                                                                                   Mrs. Anita Joshi

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